Black Hole Relationships

Black Hole Relationships

For the longest time I couldn't figure out why the "cool kid" or "rich guy" didn't want to hang out with me, spend time with me or teach me "the way".

When you study successful people or above average people you start to realize, its not because they are jerks, its because they want to find someone who is smarter than they are, or cooler than they are. There is a lot of truth in the saying "birds of a feather flock together".

See, when you have nothing to offer, no outflow of goodwill or skill that you can use to help to another person and you come to the relationship with your hand out, looking for them to lift  you up. That was me for the longest time. 

If you are not the preverbal "rich guy"  and you are looking to hangout with one, you need to offer something of value. You need to give more than you take. Winners like winners, even if you are not one yet. Successful people understand that they become the average of the people they hang out with. That applies to you too, so you want to "hang out" with people that are smarter than you, richer than you and have better relationships than you.

BUT in doing so you cannot be a black hole of relationship capital. Find a way to bring value to the relationship, be of service, be a giver not a taker! 

You might not be there yet, but you can exhibit the qualities of a winner and an above average person. Successful people can sniff out the ones that are just there to "feed off of them". 

Don't be a bottom feeder, black hole or a selfish person. Be a winner and you will earn the right to hang out with the winners.