Cause or Effect?

Cause or Effect?

You are either Cause or Effect.

Cause is a state of creation, Beingness, positive flow, movement etc. Opposite to this is Effect. This is the state of Not-Beingness, no creation, no flow and no movement. I suppose you could be hung up in the middle, and there probably are people that are "hung up". These are the ones who cannot make a decision to save their own lives.

What are you? Cause or Effect? We typically do not ask this question. We go about our day doing what we think we need to do, not consciously thinking am I being a cause in my environment, or am I an effect of someone else's cause? 

There is a big difference here. Being Cause is survival. Effect is Non-Survival. It's very black and white. You are either being and creating or you are not being, not creating and basically a puppet of your environment. 

This is important to understand. I am (fill in the blank) is a state of Cause. This is success, this is survival. Of course this assumes what you fill in the blank with is positive! How many people do you know go around being an Effect of everything around them? 

Im sure I don't have to tell you this that being an Effect is counter productive to you and society. This is why so many people are lost, depressed and confused. They are being pushed around by their environment. The best thing you can do for yourself or anyone else is to be Cause or help someone be Cause if you can see they are in a state of Not-Beingness. This raises the collective success of our society, it makes the world a better place... and that is something we need all the time!

Be Cause!!!