Decision x Responsibility x Work

Decision x Responsibility x Work

A few days ago many people on the planet made New Years resolutions. Statically 80% of people will fail by February.

There are many schools of thought about why this happens. Some think that people set their goals for the New Year too high, become frustrated and give up. Others believe its a lack of focus and discipline. I'm sure these are all wrong guesses with no research or backing.

There are a few important criteria that are being missed  First you need to make a decision. It's that simple! Make a decision to do "xyz" and keep this agreement with yourself. Most people don't make the decision to do what they say they are going to do. They pick something that sounds good, but never really (and I mean really) make a solid decision to do what they say they are going to do... in other words its all talk. You wouldn't make an agreement with a friend and then bail, why do it to yourself?

Next, once you have made a solid decision take 100% responsibility for everything even remotely related to this decision. If you are going on a diet, you now become 100% responsible for what you eat. No excuses. Don't go out to a restaurant and eat garbage because that is what was on the menu. It's up to you to check prior to going to see if they have what you can eat. If not its 100 % on you to find a different place, bring food or hit the grocery store. 

Finally, and this is the big one... Most people are not committed to putting in the work. Its that plain and simple. They want to get results with half efforts and dreams. It simply doesn't work this way.  Nothing great was ever accomplished with out work and effort. 

The size of the goal is not the problem, the challenges are not the problem, the weather is not the problem. You are in 100% control of the outcome... Make the decision, take responsibility and do the dam work!