How do you use fear?

How do you use fear?

Fear is a built in human emotion that is both obsolete and extremely useful. 

I say fear is obsolete because it was useful in assisting in the survival of the human race. You know, watch out for the sabertooth tiger and that sort of stuff. Obviously there are not any sabertooth tigers running around any longer... obsolete use of fear.

That obsolete use of fear has stuck around with most of us and limits our actions and life potential. It is probably the greatest limiter of peoples lives and happiness. 

Fear is a low toned emotion. You cannot be in fear and be creative, happy or productive. Unfortunately many are stuck here.

However fear can be used as a compass to guide you towards what you need to do instead of away. Flipping the emotion of fear is not easy or intuitive. But if you can take a moment to ask yourself why am I in fear right now you can use fear in an analytical way. 

Analyzing what is scaring you is a higher use of your mind. It is also an indicator of something that you should also be reaching for. Often we fear the things we need to do most, these are the things that will fill us up or make us happy or bring greatness to the world.

Next time you experience fear stop what you are doing and ask why. Write down what would happen if you did push past the fear and created or accomplished what you are stopping yourself from. Frame fear in the positive, in the future accomplishments and greatness that can come out of pushing past.