Stop waiting

Stop waiting

Everyone is waiting for the right time and the right circumstances.

I used to be this guy too! 

The reality is there is no one right time, the circumstances will never be perfect, the perfect employee doesn't exist and neither does the perfect boss or business.

These are all excuses that are made up bull shit in your head. You use them because you are afraid of what will happen if you try and fail. The fact is you are going to try and fail and need to pivot and try again. That's what success looks like.

Stop manufacturing problems, aka waiting for the perfect time or circumstances, to start your business, charity or do whatever it is you have been putting off. If your ideas and efforts are truly good and pure it is selfish not to pursue your goals and dreams.

Do it today. It will not be perfect at first or for a while, but who cares. Eventually it will be close and in the meantime you will have improved your life and the life of others!