Sustained Mediocrity

Sustained Mediocrity

I recently read the following quote "Your biggest risk isn't occasional failure it's sustained mediocrity" I don't recall who the quote was from, but it couldn't be more true.

Most people go around their entire lives trying to avoid the small, innocuous and insignificant failures of life. The things that might be slightly uncomfortable in the moment, but don't matter in the long term.

And in trying to avoid the small failures they end up living a life a sustained mediocrity. That is the equivalent of living for the purpose of dying. Life is meant to be lived fully, not muted by the insignificant!

Most don't take risks because they were taught not to. It's safer to sit in the shadows, where you can't get hurt. They are worried about what others will say. They are worried about the rejection of people they do not even know. I've seen extremely talented people give up before they even start because they let the thought of a small setback or failure paralyze them. Even worse I've seen them stop or give up on a dream because they are worried that others (friends and family) might make fun of them... to them this is failure.

So what happens? Nothing. Their lives go on and they hate a small part of themselves for not chasing what they were built for.  The world never realizes the next great invention, a charity never gets off the ground a family is broke, you name it.

This is not what is meant to be. We all are extremely powerful! We are made in the image of God. You were put on earth to be amazing, not to live a life of sustained mediocrity! Stop and think about what gets you excited... focus on the positive and take blinded action towards this purpose. 

You must block out the noise of the nay sayers, the clowns, those that also gave up on their dreams. They quit and they want you to quit to... because your success reminds them of their mediocre life.

Don't quit, don't listen to them... Go be great and let them watch!