Take 100% Responsibility

Take 100% Responsibility

Telling someone to take 100% responsibility is often viewed as asking someone to drink rat poison! Nobody wants it!

Do you want to be successful? Take responsibility for everything in your life, your business and relationships. 

Simple example. You schedule an appointment with a client to come to your office or have a phone conference. They show up late to the appointment. Most people are pissed at the client. Wrong move! The second you blame others you give up control and are releasing all responsibility, there is nothing you can do but absorb negative energy at this point. In fact, by not taking responsibility you are drinking emotional poison. 

Most people are so quick to place blame they never take responsibility. Maybe its true that you are not to "blame" for the client being late. But what could you have done to take responsibility over the situation to begin with? Could you have confirmed the appointment with them the day before? Sent a reminder text the morning of the appointment? Asked them if they needed transportation to your office or IT support for the video conference? 

See, when you take responsibility for all circumstances you are in control. You become cause not a victim of the situation like most people would have. The average person would have laid down and complained that their clients don't respect their time, or would have bitched that their schedule is all screwed up for the balance of the day.

If you were responsible on an even higher level you wouldn't have relied on one client meeting for the day to begin with. You would have back to back meetings scheduled so that if someone was late you didn't even care... just move on to the next one.

To be clear I am not saying take pity and blame yourself. The realty is most of these types of situations are not your fault. But you MUST take responsibility for them!

Most people take the default position that they do not want responsibility for anything around them, much less their own condition. Look what that has created in society!

Take full responsibility for everything, control the situation and bring positive resolution to the problems that others want nothing to do with!