They won't let me!

They won't let me!

Who is "they" anyway? 

I hear this used a lot. "They are going to stop us" or "They changed the rules" or "They aren't letting me".

Let me tell you something... "They" don't exist! "They" is an excuse we all have used to give us an out. "They" are the fictitious scapegoat you use to let yourself off the hook.

I've done this before too. Its common and sides in conversation so easily. You have to become aware of using this phrase too often, especially in the context of giving yourself an out.

When you make fictitious enemies or roadblock you will never win. You can't navigate around what you can't see, you can't fight the invisible man.

"They" can only stop you if you create them in your head...If you don't then they fail to exist and you win!