There is a popular saying that bounces around social media these days. "Nobody is coming to save you" is repeated over and over on multiple platforms. While it may seem like one of these buzz terms that people hang on to and pass around... it couldn't be more true.

You have to give up the victim role in life. If recent events (and decades for that matter) haven't shown you how are not going to get any sort of handout or help that will be significant, I don't know what else to tell you. 

Simulus checks, welfare, government loans etc... none have saved anyone. Yet many around the world sit around and continue to wait for someone or something to bail them out! When and why did we become so needy? At what point did society tell us (and we accepted) that our entire lively hood will be placed in the hands of others.

There is not one person or entity on this planet that is responsible to take care of you. And when you give up that responsibility of taking care of yourself you place the power of your entire life in the hands of others. And... what do you get? Minimal amount of care. Why, because "they" don't care, nor should they. 

If YOU want a great life then YOU need to create that life. The Government (either side) is not coming to do it for you. Your neighbors are not coming either, your family, friends and co-workers don't care either. It's all you!

Once you attach yourself to the fact that its all YOU and nothing else matters...Opinions, stimulus checks, the weather, other people, you name it they are all insignificant! Your power is unlimited when you take responsibility for your destiny and refuse to lay claim to the victim role.